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Earn your Certified Cloud Security Analyst (CCSA) certification! Join Author Tyler Wall and Presenter Michael Archuleta, and 5000+ students in this course for the next evolution in cybersecurity skilling based on the popular book Cloud Security Career Handbook: A beginner's guide to starting and succeeding in Cloud Security by Timothy Isle. Cloud Computing as a trend has grown leaps and bounds in recent years since the pandemic hit. The cloud is also the driving force behind red-hot technologies like Artificial Intelligence and thus one of the safest career bets one can make for the future. There is a huge shortage of cloud professionals across the globe and an even bigger shortage of cloud security professionals. It is understandable as making the transition from on-prem to a cloud security model can be overwhelming for newcomers and even experienced cyber-security people who are looking at this topic for the first time. In this course, you will learn: • The history of Cloud Computing • The fundamentals of Cloud and Cloud Security • How Cloud Security differs from On-Prem Security • The Cloud Security Models (SaSS, IaaS, PaaS) • The Cloud Security Providers (AWS, Azure, GCP, etc.) • The different career paths in Cloud Security that are present • The inherent cybersecurity risks with using the Cloud • Why identity is the new firewall in cloud computing • The concept of Zero Trust • The concept of Single-Sign-On (SSO) • The various tooling that you will be working with in Cloud Security • What certifications to be aware of and the difference between them • Where your position fits in with the Cloud Security planning • How to get hands-on experience without a Job • Tips on how to find that coveted J-O-B • About Infrastructure as Code with hands-on assignments and lectures • How to scan your IaC files for misconfigurations • How to run Serverless functions in AWS Lambda




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