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Jump-start your career in technology with the best in online cybersecurity education.

For beginners and professionals at all levels, Cyber NOW Education offers easily accessible and reasonably priced courses that will get you on the right path to a successful career in cybersecurity. In addition, we offer career coaching for those interested in a cybersecurity career, with affordable coaching options to help you achieve your career goals.

Jump-start Your SOC Analyst Career 

2nd Edition

The frontlines of cybersecurity operations include many unique challenges, unfilled jobs, and exciting career opportunities. A transition to a SOC analyst position is the gateway to the start of a fulfilling career that most cybersecurity professionals have found the easiest way to get their foot into the door of this rapidly changing, exciting and dynamic industry. Learn to protect your enterprise from harm and kick-start your road to cybersecurity success with this one-of-a-kind SOC Analyst book that accompanies the online course of the same name!

Jump-start Your SOC Analyst Career 2nd Edition Image

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Is your goal to grab a great job in the booming field of cybersecurity? Our career coaching will help you expand your influence, build a brand for yourself, become desirable to employers and ace interviews.

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